Security Is Not an Afterthought

Scritto da: Daniel Jonasson
Security needs to be an integral part of software development and not an afterthought that is hastily run through at the end of the development cycle.

Is Excel Slowing Your Business?

Scritto da: Daniel Jonasson
In this article we would like to highlight some common problems we have come across, when working with our clients, that might help you decide whether or not your organization is using spreadsheets correctly and to propose some alternatives that may help boost your business.

Paperless: la Digital Transformation può finalmente mantenere la promessa

Scritto da: Alessandro Lavarra
Una delle promesse dell’informatica era quella di ridurre o eliminare la carta dalle nostre scrivanie. In realtà, il risultato è stato diametralmente opposto: ogni applicazione, in fondo, continua ad avere come output naturale un report, un documento, una stampa.