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28 Mar 2017

Passion for Continuous Improvement

The Key to Successful Software

Software development is a continuous process. The product needs to evolve in order to stay competitive and interesting to the user. You need to be passionate about incrementally improving the product to be successful.

14 Feb 2017

Is Excel Slowing Your Business?

Don't Lock Your Data in a Spreadsheet!

In this article we would like to highlight some common problems we have come across, when working with our clients, that might help you decide whether or not your organization is using spreadsheets correctly and to propose some alternatives that may help boost your business.

  • Artisanal software development
02 Feb 2017

Artisanal Software Development

Ruby on Rails at Intesys

The software industry is a reflection of society at large. We have gone from small software projects born out of passion for technology in people’s garages (ever heard of Windows or Apple?) to a world where everyone and their grandma has a blog filled with copies of quotes from somewhere else. We want to bring the artisanal qualities of software development back to life.

12 Gen 2017


In Ruby on Rails That's a Good Thing!

“Don’t repeat yourself” (DRY) and “Keep it simple stupid” (KISS) are well known rules in software development and especially so in Ruby on Rails circles