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Once upon a time, when you bought something you expected it to do what it was advertized to do, do it well, to last, be serviceable if it broke and look nice.
At some point in time after the second world war, with factories spitting out ever cheaper products of ever lower quality, we lost something. Something important. Quality and robustness, attention to detail, beauty and soul are not really terms you would use to describe most of what comes out of assembly lines today.

This has created a revival of artisanal products and services of all sorts. People are baking their own bread again. They ferment all kinds of strange food in kitchens or basements. They brew their own beer. Homemade soaps, candles and sweaters are lying under the christmas tree. The need for quality, care and a human factor adding warmth to what surrounds us seems to be catching up with us.

The software industry is a reflection of society at large. We have gone from small software projects born out of passion for technology in people’s garages (ever heard of Windows or Apple?) to a world where everyone – and their grandma – has a blog filled with copies of quotes from somewhere else.

In this day in age, when powerful tools let us copy and paste layouts and designs and include widgets with our latest tweets or graphs of the stock market development, you may ask: is there a role for the software houses anymore? We think so and we feel that we need to offer more than the mass produced one-size-fits-all solutions out there.

We want to bring the artisanal qualities of software development back to life. We want that when someone uses what we make they feel the love, thought and quality that went into building it.
When the user logs into their new account it should be like biting into a ripe, red, heirloom tomato out of grandpa’s garden and not like the cardboard tasting orange things that bounce off the floor at the supermarket.

This is the mindset the Intesys Ruby on Rails team has chosen. We think of ourselves as artisans, doing our best to master our craft and to produce products that we feel happy about.
We like to solve problems, thinking of new ways to approach a project. We believe that we do our best work when we are challenged and when we have a close relationship with our customers. We believe in starting small and building with a purpose, adding only what brings measurable value.
We don’t believe in shortcuts – what you get out out of a project is a direct function of what you put into it.

If an artisanal approach to software development appeals to you, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can work together in order to reach the goals of your business!

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