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Software is a strange beast. It’s unlike most other products in that it’s never finished. The day you stop improving it is the day when your competitors will surpass you. This is the harsh reality you have to come to terms with if you embark on the journey of writing or commissioning your own software, be it a new website, mobile application or a desktop application.

When deciding to build an online application, unless you have some legal requirement to communicate information about your business, the objective is most likely to support and boost your business. Why invest in something unless it brings a return on your investment? This is obvious and to us it’s equally obvious that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Going “Live” is Only the Beginning

Almost without exception, one of the most important questions for our clients is “when can we go online”. There is nothing wrong with this – it shows that the project matters and that the client is excited about bringing it to their users as soon as possible in order to start reaping the rewards of the investment. However, the work doesn’t stop when the product is launched, at least not if you want it to be as successful as possible. Just look at some of the applications you might use daily such as Google’s search engine, Facebook, Instagram or many others. They all started out with their core functionality but keep on (even after many years) improving and adding features to their respective applications on a regular basis.
We have written about taking an Agile approach to software development in the past and we strongly believe that this is the best way of bringing your product to the market as soon as possible, with the most value and the best possibility for continuous improvement.

Help Us Help You

We are always looking for a close relationship with our customers. Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality and in order to do that we believe in creating a team for each project with members both from us and from you, the customer. You are obviously the expert of your business and know which goals you want to achieve. You may even have ideas of how to reach them. In our experience, however, when you put together a team with multiple competences, the sum is greater than its parts, new solutions emerge and, sometimes, even the goals change as new possibilities open up.

This collaboration can take many forms, from the “organized chaos” of a brainstorming session at the beginning of a project to in-depth analyses of particular features with user studies involved. The point it all comes down to is that it would be arrogant to think that we (or you) have the solution ready without having to work for it.

Requirement Doesn’t Equal Value

It’s all too common to communicate what needs to be done using unfounded requirements. A requirement in a document doesn’t intrinsically convey value. “A user must specify an email address and a password in order to create an account” may sound as a quite obvious requirement for many applications but we try to move past that and ask questions like “how will this feature be used” or “how can we add value to this process” instead of “does this meet the requirements”. What if we let users login using their already existing Google or Facebook in addition to or in substitution to the email/password registration? Do we even need users to register? It all depends on the functionality our application provides. We try not to take anything for granted and to think outside the box, obviously respecting your wishes.


Software development is a continuous process. The product needs to evolve in order to stay competitive and interesting to the user. You need to be passionate about incrementally improving the product to be successful.

We believe in creating a team together with our clients in order to mix competences, stimulate creativity and create a climate conducive to constructive criticism and innovative solutions. Critical thinking must be an integral part of the process in order to find new and better solutions.

Being a part of an evolving product is exciting to us. We like to receive feedback and to fine-tune everything to the needs the end users. It’s not just about getting something out of the door as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to see what interesting things we can come up with together!

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