Ruby on Rails

28 Mar 2017

Passion for Continuous Improvement

The Key to Successful Software

Software development is a continuous process. The product needs to evolve in order to stay competitive and interesting to the user. You need to be passionate about incrementally improving the product to be successful.

  • Artisanal software development
02 Feb 2017

Artisanal Software Development

Ruby on Rails at Intesys

The software industry is a reflection of society at large. We have gone from small software projects born out of passion for technology in people’s garages (ever heard of Windows or Apple?) to a world where everyone and their grandma has a blog filled with copies of quotes from somewhere else. We want to bring the artisanal qualities of software development back to life.

12 Gen 2017


In Ruby on Rails That's a Good Thing!

“Don’t repeat yourself” (DRY) and “Keep it simple stupid” (KISS) are well known rules in software development and especially so in Ruby on Rails circles